Third Grade Reading Legislation

In order for students to be college and career ready, it is important that they have strong literacy skills.  In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed House Bill No. 4822 to ensure that children who exit third grade are reading at grade level.  All children in grade three are required to take the state assessment.  Students must meet state-mandated cut scores in reading, in order to be promoted to the fourth grade.

This legislation requires that each school administers an ongoing assessment to identify each child's reading progress.  These assessments will be administered three times per year and the first must be administered within thirty days of school beginning.  If a child exhibits a reading deficiency, the district will provide an Individual Reading Improvement Plan (iRIP) to address challenge areas and provide training and resources for parents and guardians.

The state M-STEP assessment is administered in the spring of each year in grades three through eight, and this test will provide information to inform the state of Michigan whether a child has met reading proficiency expectations in order to be promoted to fourth grade.  For children who are not proficient on the state assessment, the state of Michigan will send written notification to parents/guardians.

If you receive a letter from the state of Michigan stating that your child is being retained in third grade, you have the right as their legal guardian to request an exemption.  Your request to not have your child retained should be sent within thirty days of the notification from the state of Michigan.  You will receive a written notification to your request within ten business days.  To access information about “good cause exemptions” to the retention letter, please follow this link:  Facts for Families-3rd grade. 

The Taylor School District does not believe retention is an effective method to help students master a subject area or help them to be successful in the classroom. Our philosophy is to provide your child with quality instruction starting in kindergarten, Young Fives, and preschool.   When a student is struggling in any subject area we will support instruction with additional programs and early interventions in order to help the student be successful.

Although the school focuses on early literacy throughout the school day, we still need your support.  Family engagement plays a vital role in a child's success as a reader.  As a partner in your child's education, we encourage you to communicate with your child’s teacher regarding their progress.  We are committed to ensure that your child receives the foundational literacy skills needed to help thrive in our diverse and global world.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Nickel, Assistant Superintendent of PreK-5 Curriculum and Instruction at