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July 9 Food distribution flyer

Many parents have been directed to access the Parent Portal to review their student's report cards and progress reports.  It is a very convenient and efficient way to access that data.  However, there is no menu item in the portal labeled "Report Card".  In the parent portal, there is a Marks tab and a Transcript tab.  The Marks tab when selected will show all grades for Semester 1, Semester 2, Progress Report 1 and Progress report 2.  The Transcript tab when selected will show the student's entire transcript for grades 9 though 12. 

An image of what parents will see is show below. 
FIrst, the menu and then a portion of what is displayed upon selecting each menu item.


Menu for Student transcripts

Marks sampling: 

Transcript subset:

Transcript subset

Let me know if there are any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,
Michael L Stone, Director

Pupil Accounting and Student Services
Taylor School District
13500 Pine St
Taylor, MI 48180
313.295.5742 ext. 12154

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2020-21 Kindergarten Pre Registration

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2020-2021 Pre Kindergarten Registation

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