Employment Opportunites



Professional STAFF

Johnson Preschool Early Childhood Special Education 

Middle School Co-Teacher (Hoover Middle School)

High School PE/Health Teacher (Taylor High School)

High School Co-Teacher (Taylor High School)

Resource Room Special Education Teacher (Moody Elementary)

Resource Room Special Education Teacher (Myers Elementary)

Special Education School Social Worker

Eureka Heights Elementary Instructional Interventionist

McDowell Elementary Professional Development Substitute Teacher

Moody Instructional Interventionist

Elementary Professional Development Substitute Teacher (Randall Elementary School)

Randall Elementary Instructional Interventionist

Taylor Parks Elementary School Behavior Interventionist

West Middle School Behavior Interventionist

West Middle School Positive Climate Culture Liaison

Taylor High Academic Teacher Assistant (In-School Suspension)

Special Education Behavior Specialist



Lunch Monitor - Eureka Heights Elementary

Lunch Monitor - Holland Elementary

Lunch Monitor - McDowell Elementary

Lunch Monitor - Myers Elementary

Lunch Monitor - Randall Elementary

Lunch Monitor - Taylor Parks Elementary

Lunch Monitor - Taylor High School

Crossing Guard - Myers Elementary

Special Education/Vocational Paraprofessional

Substitute School Bus Driver/Custodian

Substitute Cook

Substitute Bus Monitor

Substitute Preschool Monitor

Substitute Special Ed./Voc Paraprofessional

Substitute Print Technician

Substitute Secretary



Taylor High School Varsity Football Coach








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                                         Substitute Teachers

All Taylor School District substitute teachers are contracted through EDUStaff.  Detailed information can be found on their website https://www.edustaff.org/.  Look for the Taylor School District information listed with the Wayne County districts.

*Applicants for admission and employment, students, parents, employees, and all unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with the Taylor Public School district are notified that the Taylor Public School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, age, religion, sex (including sexual orientation and transgender identity), height, weight, marital or family status, military status, genetic information, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in any of its programs, activities, or policies. No person shall be denied employment solely because of any disability which is unrelated to the individual’s ability to do the essential functions and duties of the job with or without accommodation. Under state law, a person with a disability condition may not allege a failure to accommodate a disabling condition unless the employer knew or reasonably should have known that an accommodation was needed.  Any person having inquiries concerning Taylor Public Schools' compliance with the regulations implementing Title VI, Title IS, the ADA, or Section 504 is directed to contact Taylor Public Schools' HR department at: 734-374-1200 or at 23033 Northline  Taylor, MI 48180