Ala Carte/Meal Pricing/New System 2018

Ala Carte pricing 2018

New Cashier System

The food service cashiering system will be changing from Mistar to Horizon/Solana. The transition changes will be minimal for the student and parents. The big advantage, is that you as a parent may choose to participate in Solana’s on line payment. The payment system can be used to make deposits for your student’s meals.

There is a 4.5% service fee charged to you by the provider. Of course, the on line payment is optional, and you can continue to pay cash daily or preferably in a larger increment. You are encouraged to make one payment for several weeks of meals. If you indicate your wishes, one check can cover payment for several children, even at different school buildings. To begin to use Solana, an account can be created at A small fee is associated with this service.


Board of Education Meal charging policy 2017