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The School Improvement Coordinators support PreK-12 teachers and schools with professional development and best practices that help to increase student achievement.

Our Team

Liz Biddle
Liz.Biddle@taylorschools.net  | 734-374-1200 ext 12158

I am a proud School Improvement Coordinator for the Taylor School District.  The last 17 years I have worked in the Taylor School District as an Elementary Teacher, Elementary Math Teacher on Special Assignment, and most recently, in the last almost 10 years, as a School Improvement Coordinator.  I have the pleasure of working with all of our K-12 Building Improvement Coaches.  K-5 Math and 6-12 Art teachers are two other curricular areas I help in coordinating.  I assist Holland, Kinyon, McDowell, Randall, and Taylor Parks with their building needs and School Improvement plans. My special projects in this position are handling conferences for the district and organizing PreK-12 professional development.   It's a very busy job, but a great one!

Tracy Carroll
Tracy.Carroll@taylorschools.net   |  734-374-1200 ext 12168

I am a School Improvement Coordinator for the Taylor School District. I am excited to be in my dream job at this time and look forward to what it has to bring to who I am! I have been a POHI teacher, Teacher Consultant, Resource Teacher, Academic Assistance Teacher, and Intervention Specialist during my career. While at Hoover Middle School, I took on many roles that helped me become who I am in education today. My next educational goal is to finish my Administration certificate program. My curriculum areas I get the pleasure of being a part of are: English Language Arts and Math 6-12, MS World Languages, K-12 Music, and 6-8 Reading Enrichment. I am the School Improvement Coordinator for Eureka Heights, West, and Hoover.  My special projects in this position are Instructional Technology and AdvancEd/NCA.