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The School Improvement department supports teachers with professional development that will increase student achievement.

Our Team

Liz Biddle
Liz.Biddle@taylorschools.net  | 734-374-1200 ext 12158

I am a School Improvement Coordinator for the Taylor School District. I am super excited to be a part of this amazing team! I get the pleasure to work with K-5 Math and 6-12 Art teachers. I also am fortunate to work with the Middle School Counselors in the district. I assist Holland, Kinyon, McDowell, Randall, and Taylor Parks with their building needs and School Improvement plans. My special projects in this position are handling conferences for the district and organizing PreK-12 professional development. 

*You may not know this about me, but I was 8 years old on 8-8-88!

Kim Burkey

Kim.Burkey@taylorschools.net I 734-374-1200 ext 12171

I am very excited to be a School Improvement Coordinator for Taylor Schools. I love working with teachers and principals to create the best learning experiences for the students in Taylor! I have been a classroom teacher for 16 years, teaching all grades except for the second grade. I was also a Technology Media Specialist for 4 years, and a School Improvement Coach for 3 years.  I am thrilled to be working with the Myers and Moody staff this year. My District duties include K-5 ELA, Science, and Social Studies. 

*You may be surprised to know that I learned to say my ABC’s backward in first grade, and can still do it faster than anyone I’ve ever met!

Tracy Carroll
Tracy.Carroll@taylorschools.net   |  734-374-1200 ext 12168

I am a School Improvement Coordinator for the Taylor School District. I am excited to be in my dream job at this time and look forward to what it has to bring to who I am! I have been a POHI teacher, Teacher Consultant, Resource Teacher, Academic Assistance Teacher, and Intervention Specialist during my career. While at Hoover, I took on many roles that helped me become who I am in education today. My next educational goal is to  finish my Ed Leadership degree. My curriculum areas I get the pleasure of being a part of are: English Language Arts and Math 6-12, MS World Languages, Music, and 6-8 Reading Enrichment. I am the School Improvement Coordinator for Eureka Heights, West, and Hoover. My special projects in this position are Instructional Technology, Middle School Credit Recovery, and AdvancEd/NCA.

*One thing you may not know is that I play the viola and have for 23 years. I have had the honor of playing with Hoover's Choir one year and LOVED it.

Kari Nagy
Kari.Nagy@taylorschools.net |  734-374-1200
 ext 12169 

I am a School Improvement Coordinator for the Taylor School District.  I love working with this team and getting to put my knowledge to work to make Taylor School District the place to enroll your children.  I taught in the district for 7 years at John F. Kennedy High School teaching Biology, Physical Science, and even a little Chemistry.  I finished my Master’s degree and started working on Kennedy’s School Improvement Team and found out that I had a true passion for the position and all it entails.  My curriculum areas are Science 6-12,  6-12 Social Studies and K-12 Physical Education, Family Consumer Sciences, High School World Languages, and CTE/Business.  I work with Taylor High School, TVLA and the Career Center.  My special project is to work with is District Assessment and Title III/ EL (English Learner) students who enter the district. 

*One thing you may not know about me is I speak a little French from time to time.