Six students were selected from around the district to join members from our administration team at the Student Ambassador Breakfast last week. The breakfast helped kickoff planning for our second annual Unified Special Olympics Day, which is scheduled for May 18 at the Taylor Sportsplex.

The student ambassador group is new to the Unified Special Olympics Day planning this year. They are made up of students of all ages, from a junior in high school to second grade.

The breakfast started with introductions and quickly moved into the team discussing what they think went well last year and if there are any things they think we should change.

“Although last year’s event was an extremely successful one, we wanted to gather feedback from students as to what they’d like to see this year,” says LaShawn Lomax, Director of Special Education. “The ambassadors were great advocates for the Unified Special Olympics. She shared it is great to hear their ideas and excitement. It was really fun to watch them work together with our leadership team.”

As we move closer to the big day, the student ambassadors will play important roles while getting ready for the event. 

“Our goal is to have our student ambassadors continue to help us as we plan our Unified Special Olympics Day,” says LaShawn. “We are going to take their feedback on what they enjoyed. Students will decide what activities will take place this year and have them try them out before the day to ensure we picked the right games. Students know what other students like best, so their  feedback is critical to make this day a successful one.”