Oct 5 student count day

This fall’s Student Count Day is Wednesday, Oct. 5. Count day is the day that districts across Michigan tally the number of students who attend their schools. Each student in our district on count day translates to funding for programming, staffing and resources to ensure your child has the tools they need in order to be successful.

Because of this, being in attendance on Student Count Day is extremely important. Count days are a requirement under the State School Aid Act. There are two count days during the year – the first Wednesday in October and February. 90 percent of a school's funding is determined by the count on the October day, and February’s count day makes up for the other 10 percent.

 “A large majority of our funding comes from the Oct. 5 Student Count Day,” says Taylor School District Superintendent Griff Mills. “And while being in school every day is important for students to build a solid foundation for their education, being present on Oct. 5 helps our district provide them support to build that foundation.”

We’re looking forward to seeing each of our students in school on Wednesday, Oct. 5!