touch-a-truck at taylor high school

Families from around Taylor joined the fun at Taylor School District’s Touch-A-Truck event on Saturday, Sept. 24, at Taylor High School. The event, which was a first for our district, raised over $3,200 for next year’s Unified Special Olympic Day, which is scheduled for May 19, 2023.

“It was an awesome day that brought people together,” said Taylor School District School Board President Rhonda Danaj, who organized the Touch-A-Truck event.  

And she’s not lying. Members from all across Taylor School District and the City of Taylor joined in one way or another to ensure this day was a successful one, including community members, principals, our school board and employees from all sorts of different departments.

“So many members from our community helped make this day special,” says Rhonda. “Our district is thankful for everyone who was willing to volunteer and participate in our special day.”

The event included tons of different big vehicles such as construction, DPW, police, fire, school buses and so many more. All who attended were able to enter the vehicles, look around inside of them and ask any questions they had to those who drive them.

After kids of all ages were done touring the “trucks,” they had the opportunity to enter raffles for items donated by individuals and groups from around Taylor School District, play games to win prizes and even get temporary tattoos, balloon animals, free books or their faces painted.

“There was something for everyone,” says Rhonda. “Our hope is to continue this tradition and make it something our families look forward to each year.”

Several hundred people attended our Touch-A-Truck event despite a rainy Saturday forecast.