earth day at myers

Students, parents and staff at Myers Elementary School celebrated Earth Day last week by getting outside and doing a little spring cleaning.

“It was a great way to celebrate Earth Day,” said Michelle Hodgkinson, principal of Myers Elementary. “We were able to clean up our school while showing our students the importance of taking care of the earth.”

It was a busy day for all. Activities included adding new mulch, planting new flowers and creating organic bird feeders that students hung from trees.

“The bird feeders were made by adding peanut butter to the outside of ice cream cones and then rolling them in bird seed,” said Michelle. “Then they were hung from the trees using a string that the birds could use to build their nest. Everything used had a purpose.”

According to Michelle, students appreciated having the chance to get outside for the day to help decorate their school.

“It gives them a sense of pride,” she says. “Now every time they come into school, they can see the flowers they planted or the new mulch and know that they had a hand in making the school beautiful.”

Parents and staff had a great time too. And Michelle even helped by driving the tractor around school grounds delivering mulch when it was needed.

“It was truly a team effort,” she said. “Our staff and parents worked so hard and were great at keeping the students focused and having fun, which is the most important part.”

Way to go, Myers team!