Mayor Woolley

To celebrate National Reading Month in March, some Taylor School District elementary schools welcomed local familiar faces to read to students. Some of those people included Taylor Mayor Tim Woolley, Taylor School District School Board President Rhonda Danaj and Trustee Ann Block and Michigan State Senator Erika Geiss.

“It’s great to be able to take time to get in the community and meet some of our young ones,” says Mayor Woolley. “A lot of the time we all get so caught up in our busy lives that we don’t take the time to step back and really connect with those we serve. This allowed us to do that.”

The children all welcomed the guests with open arms and sat eager to hear some of their favorite stories from individuals who they may look up to as role models now. 

“You could tell the students loved it,” Mayor Woolley said. “They all gathered in a big circle in front of us with big smiles on their faces while staying extremely engaged during the entire time we read to them. They even jumped at the opportunity to ask questions at the end.”

School Board President Rhonda Danaj enjoyed sitting down with students and saw it as a great opportunity to connect with our littlest ones. She was a teacher in Taylor for 30 years with the last four being in kindergarten at Kinyon. 

“It was great to return to the classroom I last taught in and see those smiling faces," she said. "They are the reasons we serve on the school board, and they are the voices we represent."

Danaj went on to say that she loved teaching reading and nurturing a love of books. 

“Being able to help spark young students’ interest in reading is something that will never get old for me.”

Mayor Woolley says he hopes this is a tradition that continues, and he is willing to be a part of it if it does.

“This is such a great thing for all parties involved,” he says. “I hope that Taylor School District continues to invite us into their classrooms to connect with students, because we will always be open to doing that.”