The 23rd District Court will be hosting its inaugural “Law Day” on April 29. Students from Taylor School District will be invited to the 23rd District Court to learn about the role of the law in our country and its importance to society. The Taylor Police Department, Michigan State Police and several other state and federal law enforcement agencies are participating in the event.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this opportunity to Taylor School District students,” says Judge Victoria Shackelford, who has been planning this event since taking the bench in November of 2021. “It’s a great way to teach the children in our community the importance of the rule of law and how it has shaped our democracy. It also creates a positive interaction with law enforcement and the judicial system, which will encourage a lifetime of good citizenship.”

During the event, displays and booths will be set up from agencies such as the Taylor Police Department, the Taylor Fire Department, the Michigan State Police, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the FBI, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, and more. Each display will give students the opportunity to see firsthand what these law professionals do and ask any questions that they may have. Students will also be given a tour of the 23rd District Court.

“These won’t just be poster board displays,” says Judge Shackelford. “We really want the kids to have a hands-on experience where they can learn about how the legal system works and make it something for them to remember as they grow up and start thinking about their careers.” 

Griff Mills, superintendent of Taylor School District, is excited to begin this yearly tradition with students, saying that it’s a great way to bring our community together.

“It’s always great for our students to be able to get involved in our community and see the inner-workings of the judicial system and law enforcement” he says. “We know that by meeting and interacting with the court and officers from these departments, kids will get a better understanding of what they do, why they do it and see that these people are truly heroes in our community.”  

The event will be held at the courthouse and be open to all third graders. Judge Shackelford hopes to continue Law Day into the future and have it become a yearly field trip for Taylor’s third grade students.

“Law Day offers Taylor schools a local, low-cost, educational experience that benefits the community as a whole.” says Judge Shackelford. “We know it’s something the students will really enjoy and we’re hoping that it becomes one of those field trips where parents, school staff and students look forward to it every year.”