Congratulations to Taylor High School’s Class of 2022 Top 10 students based on GPA for over their four-year high school career. The top ten students are: 

1)    Gia Cook – GPA 4.3542

2)    Logan Dukes – GPA 4.2708

3)    Colin Ingersoll – GPA 4.2178

4)    Miranda Hontz – GPA 4.2157

5)    Deanna Vaughan – GPA 4.1363

6)    Hannah Scamp – GPA 4.1361

7)    Ifechukwu Ezeokoli – GPA 4.1323

8)    Noah Matthews – GPA 4.1252

9)    Emily Thomas – GPA 4.1250

10) Chesney Kowalske – HPS 4.1022

“These ten students have shown a tremendous dedication to their education,” says Taylor High School principal Melissa Skopczynski. “We are so proud of each of them for this accomplishment. We hope that younger students see the work they are doing and become encouraged to do well in their own education.”

Principal Skopczynski says she understands how hard the last couple of years have been for students all across Michigan due to COVID-19, staffing issues and threats, which makes this Top 10 list even more impressive.

“The last two years haven’t been easy for anyone,” she says. “But these young adults have shown perseverance, dedication and persistence to get where they are. It’s really inspiring to see them work so hard.”

The top 10 students at the end of the year will be recognized  during the class of 2022’s graduation ceremony in June.