state of the city

Six students were able to attend the City of Taylor’s State of the City address last week after a generous donation by the Taylor Public Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence. The foundation sponsored a table at the event, which was attended by leaders from all over the community.

“Getting students involved in the community at such a young age is extremely important” says Linda Newsome, president of the TPSFEE. “We love being able to support Taylor School District and its students when an opportunity like this presents itself.” 

Linda believes students getting to see the inner workings of city politics not only teaches them about how decisions come to be made, but also can inspire them to want to be a part of it.

“We need young people to get inspired about our city, and one way for that to happen is if they hear from leaders such as Mayor Woolley. Sponsoring this table for students was a no-brainer for our foundation.”

The students who attended the event were Taylor High School’s Logan Dukes, Hannah Scamp, Colin Ingersoll and Natalia Sharbo, and Taylor Career and Technical Center’s Ian Leffler and Madyson Walker. They were joined by Adrien Antaya, assistant principal at the high school, Carly Barnard, principal of the Taylor Career and Technical Center, Armando Sardanopoli, vice president of the TPSFEE and Linda.

“It was an all-around great event that helped build relationships between these students, their administrators and our foundation,” says Linda. “We will continue to look for ways to help inspire our students."