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In light of the current situation, we have decided to pause and take time to review and reinforce the safety protocols we have in place with our teachers and staff. Because of this, all schools will close tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 3, for a professional development day. Any after-school activities already scheduled, including athletics, will operate as normal.

This is not in response to any threat that has been made at any of our schools. It’s strictly a proactive measure to ensure our staff has additional safety training, and to give you an extra opportunity to have a conversation with your child. Here are some helpful resources to help you with that:

It’s important for our students to know the magnitude of these threats and the importance of bringing them to the attention of school officials and local authorities. Students should be aware that any comments they say and/or post online, even if they are meant in a joking manner, will be responded to by both local authorities and school officials in a serious one.

As you speak with your children, please urge them to reach out to school officials directly or through the State of Michigan’s Okay2Say tip line at 8-555-OK2SAY or OKAY2SAY@mi.gov if they hear of any potential dangerous actions that may put our school community at harm.

Thank you for working with us to make our schools a safe place for our students to learn and grow. We know this will take the entire community - the school district ensuring our safety protocols are in place and staff is trained, parents speaking with their children about the seriousness of these issues and students understanding the importance of bringing these things to our attention