SSA group

A few weeks ago, Interim Superintendent Michael Wegher gave students the chance to apply to be a part of the Superintendent's Student Advisory group. More than 60 students applied for the group with 15 being selected as part of it. The goal of the SSA is to give students a voice in making the district a better place for them and their peers. 

The group is made up of students from the middle and high school level, with each school in the district having representatives.

In a letter to the district, Interim Supt. Wegher said, “I am calling out for student leaders that want to serve Taylor School District in a new and unique way. As a school leader, I have always believed that students need to have a voice in what happens in their schools. As a high school principal, I created a Student Advisory Team.”

He continues, “That team took a very active role in the leadership processes of the school. Now that I am sitting in a different role as interim superintendent, I am seeing the need to include student voice into the leadership of the entire school district.”

Once the application deadline passed, submissions were reviewed by Interim Supt. Wegher. He then surprised students in their classrooms with a letter notifying them of their acceptance into the committee and he shared what the next steps were.

“Now that we have our SSA group chosen, I will be meeting with them regularly to talk about challenges they may be facing in school, ideas that they may have to improve what we are doing as a district and to celebrate anything that we’re currently doing well,” he said. “Student voice is something that’s extremely important to me, and I’m excited for the great things to come with the students that were chosen.”