corn hole winners

Submitted by: Armando Sardanopoli, TPSFEE President

The Taylor Public School Education Foundation hosted its inaugural Spring Fling fun day in May at Taylor High School. The fun day included a corn hole competition, a dunk tank, a rage event and a concession stand.  The winning corn hole team got two tickets to the Tiger game on Saturday, July 8, against the Toronto Blue Jays. The two tickets are suite tickets that include food and parking. An estimated $300 value.

Dunk Tank at the Foundation's Spring Fling

The dunk tank included Deputy Chief Mike Lividini, Councilman Charley Johnson, State Trooper Rob Weimer and Pastor Ryan Bettinger of the Northline Church. Each were dunked several times while in the wet seat.

There was also a rage event. An old car was donated to give people a chance to take out their frustrations by beating it up with a sledgehammer. And for those teachers who would like to take out their frustrations, we had two copy machines to beat up.

Rage event at the Foundation's Spring Flinf

Donations were made for those who wanted to take out their frustration in the rage event or the dunk tank target.

The Taylor High School Jazz Band and drum line also performed during the events.

There was also a concession stand where hot dogs, drinks and chips were available for purchase.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this happen. And special thanks to Northline Church for all that their members did to help make this event a successful one.

The Taylor Public School Education Foundation for Educational Excellence is a 501c3 non-profit organization. The mission of the Education Foundation is to support the first-class educational programs that enhance student achievement. All funds generated through fund raisers like the Spring Fling are directed to help finance programs in the Taylor school district. For those interested in becoming involved with the Education Foundation Board, the Board meets every 2nd Thursday of the month (during the school year) at 8:30 AM. The meetings are held in the Taylor School District administration building on Northline Road.