Parent Portal/Report Cards

Many parents have been directed to access the Parent Portal to review their student's report cards and progress reports.  It is a very convenient and efficient way to access that data.  However, there is no menu item in the portal labeled "Report Card". 

In the parent portal, there is a Marks tab and a Transcript tab. 

The Marks tab when selected will show all grades for Semester 1, Semester 2, Progress Report 1 and Progress report 2. 

The Transcript tab when selected will show the student's entire transcript for grades 9 though 12. 

An image of what parents will see is shown below.
FIrst, the menu and then a portion of what is displayed upon selecting each menu item.



Marks sampling

Marks sampling

Transcript subset

Transcript subset

Let me know if there are any questions or suggestions.

Thank you,
Michael L Stone, Director

Pupil Accounting and Student Services
Taylor School District
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