The final days of this school year are here, and with that, the very last day of high school is quickly approaching for seniors. After spending four years at Taylor High School, the upperclassmen know a thing or two on what freshmen should try to do throughout their academic career. Before they leave for bigger things in life, some of the upperclassmen have advice to share for underclassmen.

     Don’t be a Bump on a Log. If something peaks your interest, like a class or a school club, you should join! Being hesitant and missing out will become a regret later in your academic career. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Additionally, if you’re feeling like skipping after-school events, like a game or dance,  you should reconsider! These are the kind of things you can’t get back! Experience those moments while you still can.

     Be academically honest. You will be surrounded by shortcuts and fast-passes for many school related things. Taking them is very tempting, because it gets work done quickly, alongside getting you an easy grade. Don’t take the shortcuts; you’re only setting yourself up for failure. You will find yourself becoming lazy and relying on cheating, just to pass your classes. If you don’t take your time to learn the material, you will be greatly unprepared for situations where cheating isn’t an option, and end up bombing a quiz or exam. 

    Stay focused. If you slack off, skip school, or just let your grades slip, it's going to hurt you in the long run. Procrastination will become your worst enemy. It’s better to do something now, than stressing over it later. If you already have a habit of turning in assignments at the last moment, you should strive to make some change. Being unmotivated to do anything school related is something you’ll have to conquer. Try to stay on top of things!

      If you take that advice to heart, then the long journey towards graduation will be a lot smoother for you. There will be many challenges, and you will make many mistakes, but that’s okay. If you keep pushing forward with a positive mindset, you’ll make it.