Movie event was a huge success!

By William Barrett

On March 22nd, >span class="qowt-font2-TimesNewRoman">Students Leading Students group showed Puss in Boots to students in the Little Theater. The event was wildly successful as the theater was sold out!

SLS member Cameron Ingersoll, ’24, said, “This might have been the best SLS event in quite a while.” that I have been a part of. There was involvement from 4 major clubs: SLS, Drama, Student Council, and THS athletic department. SLS was the main sponsor of the event, paying for snacks and providing the date. The Drama Club was involved in setting up the event and providing the screen and use of the theater. the student council  provided a fitting day for spirit week, pajama day, to make sure everyone was comfortable .Finally, the Athletic Department was involved with Coach Pitts of the football team providing the projector that the team watches film on to show the movie.

As Drama Club president, I can say that the movie has opened up the door for another unique event. Around Halloween, the current plan is to have a 4-D movie. We will show a scary movie, and have people dressed in costumes jump out and scare the crowd to provide a unique experience.

I am so proud of the team that was involved in setting up the movie. A few special shout outs to Cameron Ingersoll, Autumn Donaldson, Joshua Stalchoulski, Jovanny Alvarez, Prayln Garcia, and myself. I would like to also highlight that this is Mrs. Kluks last event as SLS advisor, and I think we should all thank her for providing some memorable experiences, not just with the movie, but also Pie In The Face” event last year, which was also a lot of fun.