Moore joins the THS family!
By William Barrett, ‘24
Taylor High School would like to welcome Mrs. Moore to the music department as the new
Choir Director. 
     Moore has been teaching for 11 years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in instrumental
music education from Wayne State and is currently finishing her Master’s degree from Central
Washington University. Her areas of specialty include instrumental music, vocal music, guitar,
piano, percussion, and world music. Moore’s favorite genre of music is described as a “new jazz
techno hybrid.”
Moore is excited to work with the current choir members. “Well, for the choirs, I would love
to see them continue in the tradition that’s been established here. I think she (Ms. Kucheski) had
a wonderful program, but I’d also like to branch out into some other areas,” she said. Moore
added that she is open to student suggestions and she has already heard from students that are
interested in starting up an acapella group, r and b project, and a jazz choir.
Mrs. Moore has also expressed interest in helping out with Drama Club; she will be the vocal
teacher on Tuesdays. She has also pitched an idea that the jazz band could collaborate with
Drama Club to play in the pit for the upcoming musical. Though the theater may be a bit too
small for this, it was still a great idea. Drama Club is looking forward to working with Moore.
Despite all of her great intentions, skills and talents, Mrs. Moore realizes she has a big task.
Ms. K was loved by THS staff and students. She appreciates and welcomes the challenge, “It’s
tough to lose a teacher especially in the middle of the year. I’m going through it myself with the
kids I just left.” Moore continued, “The thing that I can do is to try my best and to utilize all the
resources that Ms. K left here (the school) for the students. I made contact with her and she is
really helping to guide me in how to proceed with the kids here. So just being open minded and
having an open heart and being willing to try all kinds of things and to especially use student
feedback and use the kids to help guide in what they want to be singing and what they want to
Therefore, THS students please take a moment and welcome Mrs. Moore to our school! Get
involved and come out and support Choir, Drama Club, and Band!