Mrs. Zalewski smiling for the camera.

Zalewski mixes information and fun in business classes

By Destiny Duprey, ‘23

    Do you plan on entering the business world? Do you like Money? Everyone likes money, so why not learn how to actually be responsible with it? Mrs. Zalewski teaches multiple business subjects that are useful to all students at THS; everyone is welcome!

   The classes don’t simply talk about making money; the basics of the business world are  included in THS business classes. Zalewski teaches Business and Marketing, Fashion Retail, and Personal Finance. These classes are a chance for you to be prepared for your future. 

   Need another reason? Mrs. Rita Zalewski is WONDERFUL!

Zalewski loves her teaching job. “We have amazing students and teachers at THS!”

   Zalewski is a very lovely woman. She has a huge heart and a great sense of humor. Mr. Solak agreed, “My classroom was over there for a few years and I miss having Z as a neighbor. We had a great time!”

    Zalewski earned her Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Ferris State University, and then her Master’s degree in education from Wayne State University, She also minored in English. Once she graduated, she began teaching in the Marketing Department. She spent many years in the English Department, but currently only teaches business classes 

    She is a very strong woman, independence also sneaks in there quite a bit. She’d rather do it herself. She’s a very positive and thoughtful person. She loves reading! Swimming and playing board games are other hobbies she enjoys. She also loves playing board games, “...but only with someone who is not a sore loser.”

    Mrs. Zaleweski has three children: Joel, Laura, and Nick. Nick is a food scientist; Laura is an exercise scientist; Joel is a mechanical engineer. Zalewski beams with joy when talking about her 2-year-old grandson, AJ. Her favorite class is Principles of Business and Marketing. She is a very funny person, and loves to crack jokes. She’s always thinking of others; she’s very considerate!

    So, if it’s your first year at THS, or you are just looking for a fun and useful class to take, try signing up for one of Zalewski’s business classes.