Ms. Bales posing in her Lions wear.

Bales has unique skill set

By Jonathon Salazar, '23

If you’re a THS senior, you just might find yourself in the classroom of a teacher who will not only provide you excellent English lessons, but could also give you a great haircut! That teacher is Ms. Meagan Bales.

Ms. Bales is a charismatic, laid-back English teacher who can make the school day less tense, even if it's only for just one class period. She makes whatever she’s teaching very simple and easy to understand, making her class seem like a breeze for almost anyone.

Bales is also the proud mother of a 7-year-old daughter.

English isn’t the only subject she’s involved with at THS. Bales is also in charge of the Yearbook class! If you want to look nice for the yearbook, look no further because Mrs.Bales has a cosmetology certification; she can also give haircuts or do your makeup!

Alongside earning an Associate’s degree in cosmetology at Ms. Katie’s College of Beauty, Ms. Bales earned a Bachelor's degree in Family Consumer Science, and English, at Madonna University. She has been working in the Taylor School district for 12 years, “I’ve worked for Taylor since… Maudlin's kids were in high school, Burnett had hair, and our school board president was in middle school. A long history in this district!” she said.

“I like the people at THS. From fun co-workers to my students that make me laugh." Bales continued, "I would also like to see THS get new copiers to make my life easier and new yearbook cameras that are not being held together with duct tape and a prayer.”

Like many of us, Ms. Bales enjoys the simpler things in life. She likes watching a game of football and cheering on the Detroit Lions, or just going outside and spending time with her daughter. It doesn't matter if she’s in or out of school, Mrs. Bales is an excellent example of someone being a great person, just by being themselves.