empty classroom

Filling open paraprofessionals positions in schools has remained a challenge across the state of Michigan. Taylor School District is no exception. 

“The hiring of paraprofessionals has been difficult and an ongoing concern in our Special Education Department,” says LaShawn Lomax, director of Special Education at Taylor School District. “We’ve been working extremely hard to make sure our students receive the support they need in order to be successful in the classroom, but with limited staff, it is often challenging.”  

Paraprofessionals are a vital part of student success, helping students use classroom materials, supporting accommodations, helping students with self-help/self-care activities and more. 

“Paraprofessionals are invaluable in district’s across the country and we could not support our students without them.” says LaShawn. “We know the value they bring to the classroom and the support they give students. That’s why filling these positions is something we’re working tirelessly on." 

Taylor School District’s Special Education Department has been doing all they can to ensure our students have the support they need. The department encourages anyone who’s interested in starting a career in public education to consider applying for a paraprofessional position at TSD. It’s a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many students. 

You can apply for any of our open positions by visiting taylorschools.net/careers and selecting one of the options. Paraprofessional positions are available at all of our schools, and schedules differ depending on school start/end times.