Reward Programs/Recycling

Please Recycle!

Randall Recycles

We have eight recycling bins from the City of Taylor. We recycle paper, plastics, glass, newspapers, cardboard, and many other items that are acceptable. Each classroom has a green paper recycling bin that is emptied into the large green and yellow dumpster in the Pardee Road parking lot.

Box Tops



Ronald McDonald House

Randall School collects used Crayola and other brands of markers, pull tabs from cans, used batteries, Box ops for Education, and we use the Kroger Community Rewards Program.

We have a Green Team that was organized in 2015. Our Green Team consists of 4th and 5th grade students who want to help keep Randall Green!

Recycle Dump

Our green team's job is to collect all our paper recycling bins and empty them into our large paper dumpster. This dumpster then is picked up by a recycling company. The Green Team is also responsible for promoting being "Green" at Randall and in our community.