September 27 Performance


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Heritage Park (on Pardee between Northline and Goddard)

CHORUS ARRIVAL TIME: 3:45pm – Concert begins at 4.


  • We are performing in the open air “Farmer’s Market” pavilion. It is a covered space. Seating is available but limited. Bring a folding chairif you want to be assured seating!


  • Uniform shirt, tucked completely in (in back also) with the top button undone
  • Black shoes, black “school uniform” pants (or past the knee skirt with black stockings or tights) and black socks.  No skin showing below the belt.
  • A black belt is recommended (not required) to make it look neat. 
  • Wear long hair out of your face so you’re not hot. No “experimental” hairdos.
  • Jewelry should be kept to a minimum – a watch, ring, or earrings are fine, remove other jewelry.  A necklace is fine if worn under the shirt.  No nose, lip, eyebrow rings, etc.
  • You may wear an undershirt if it’s not visible with the uniform top button undone.  No long sleeve undershirts are acceptable. 
  • Cell phones should NOT be visible or audible (THE AUDIENCE SHOULDN’T SEE IT). 
  • Do not discard your uniform after the performance! Keep track of it or lose it!
  • No perfume or cologne, however deodorant is ESSENTIAL!


  1. No food will be served to any student in uniform until after we’ve performed.
  2. When you arrive: Sit on the risers in your place and wait for instructions.  All drinks and bathroom breaks must be taken care of BEFORE 3:55, and no opportunity will be available again until after the band has finished.
  3. IF you are also in band: Set up your stand and instrument.  Get clothespins from Mrs. Farmer.  DO NOT PLAY. Prepare your instrument and stand and reserve your seat, then join the choir. 
  4. At 4:00, the 6thGrade Chorus, Cadet Choir and Men in Black will be in their rows, in order, sitting down so they may watch the Cardinal Singers perform, and wait to perform.  The Cardinal Singers will be on the risers, in order, and will begin the performance.  
  5. When the Cardinal Singers finish, they will exit the risers, row by row, and be replaced by the Sixth Grade chorus. The Cardinal Singers will take places sitting, in their rows, on the hill to watch the concert. 
  6. After the the 6thgraders, the Men in Black, then Cadet Choir will go to the risers in an orderly fashion and perform.  After they are done, they will sit on the risers quietly. 
  7. When any other group is performing (band or choir), everyone in the audience is to be SILENT, STILL, and SHOW APPRECIATION for performances. 
  8. When the band is done (about 4:45), a signal from your teacher will excuse all performers.  Do not get up before you are excused, unless you have already notified your teacher.  
  9. Help will be needed to break down risers, load the sound system and percussion, and fold up chairs at this time. You may then enjoy the food and activities available at the park. 


  • Transportation to and from the event is your responsibility, as is having your full uniform.  Do not forget that your attendance and appropriate participation is a grade!
  • Appropriate behavior should be observed at ALL times. All school rules apply before, during, and after the performance.  Gum is not allowed until after the performance! SAY PLEASE & THANK YOU!
  • Invite everyone you know to attend the concert. Food and activities are free for all (adult and child) who attend.
  • Have fun!  You have started to work hard, now enjoy!