Grading Policy

West Middle School Chorus
Cadet Choir • Men in Black • Cardinal Singers

Grading Scale

Concert Grade 25% of Semester Grade

A - Arrive on time, dress properly, do your best performance.

E - No show, unexcused absence, unprepared, not in full uniform.  

Concerts both during and after school are graded, but after school concerts get double credit.

Test and Quiz Grade 20% of Semester Grade

All tests and quizzes are averaged to make the test and quiz grade.

Classwork Grades 20% of Semester Grade

All written daily classwork is averaged to make the classwork grade.

Participation Grade 20% of Semester Grade

Students begin with 30 points, and lose points for non-participation, disruptive behavior, or not sitting in their assigned seat. Students can lose more than one point in a day.

Final Exam 15% of Semester Grade

The post-test final is the last 10% of your grade.

Semester Final Grades

30% Concert + 20% Classwork + 20% Test + 20% Participation + 10% Exam = 100%


Citizenship is reported each Trimester and excellent scores grant a variety of benefits. Citizenship is determined by participation grades:

• "1" = 29-30 participation points.

• "2" = 26-28 participation points.

• "3" = 23-27 participation points

• "4" = 22 or less participation points