Chorus Expectations

West Middle School Chorus

• Uniform purchase is mandatory 

Uniform fee is $30 ($25 for 6th graders). This includes uniform shirt and festival medals (for 7th and 8th graders). If you own a shirt already, the fee is $15.

Every student must own ALL black shoes, ALL black socks, and ALL black "school uniform" dress pants. NO JEANS OR YOGA PANTS, NO COLOR BUT BLACK SHOWING FROM THE WAIST DOWN. A black belt is recommended but not required.

If financial hardship is an issue in uniform purchase, please bring this to Mr. Martin's attention immediately - don't wait until the day before the concert - scholarship and deferred payment is available when needed. 

Students not in full uniform will not be allowed to perform and will be given a zero for the concert grade. 

• Bring a pencil to class every day
• Turn in missed work within one week of the absence or no credit will be given.
• All scheduled evening concerts are required. A grade is given for attendance and participation at each event. 
• Scheduled concerts WILL be excused for these reasons, with appropriate documentation:

Death in the family

Urgent medical emergency

• Scheduled concerts MAY be excused for these reasons, please notify Mr. Martin as soon as a conflict is known: 

Conflicting sports team game (West teams work with the chorus to avoid conflicts)

Dance recital

Other artistic or athletic competitions or concerts

• Scheduled concerts will NOT be excused for these reasons, because they can be planned for and resolved ahead of time. They will result in a grade of zero for the concert:

Not having a ride to a concert 

Not being properly dressed in uniform

Behavior unbecoming of an artist during a performance, such as: 

- Disruptive behavior

- Excessive talking

- Chewing gum on the risers

- Violating the student code of conduct

• Students who are suspended "out of school" are not allowed to attend school events, including concerts. A grade of zero will be given to students in this situation. 

• In extreme circumstances, students may be suspended from a concert for improper behavior or lack of preparation. 


The West Chorus Code

• Be nice • Do your best work

• Show up on time • Wear your uniform with pride