Principal's Page

West Parent’s Newsletter 

December 2018 Edition 

Principal’s Message – Trish Kaechele 

Christmas Concerts- GREAT NEWS!!!! -This year our band and chorus concerts will be performed at Wayne County Community College! Our Choral Christmas Concert is scheduled for Tuesday evening, December 11 at 6:00 pm at WCCC. There will be a day concert for the school with both the band and chorus Wednesday at 9:15 am. Our band will hold their Christmas Concert on Wednesday evening December 12, at 5:30 pm for the 6th grade concert and 7:00 for the 7th and 8th grade, also at WCCC. 

PSP- Our next parent meeting is Thursday, December 6 at 9:30. We will be going through our candle orders. 

After school tutoring- Now that we are able to provide transportation for after school tutoring, we have really been able to grow the program and have up to 60 students staying at a time. Please be aware that this is not one on one tutoring but more of homework help as we have so many students. 

Boy’s Basketball- A new season has begun and our 7th and 8th teams are doing fantastic! Just a reminder, we expect everyone who attends the games to conduct themselves appropriately and with sportsmanship. Students may not attend without their own parent. 6th grade boys intermural basketball is played on Fridays. Students need to listen to announcements. 

Swim Team- the Middle School co-ed swim team has also started their meets. The swim team is a combination of both Hoover and West students. They practice and compete (home games) at Hoover. Meets are at 4:00. 

Mobile Dentist- On Wednesday and Thursday, December 5 and 6, the Mobile Dentist will be here for student dental care at no cost. All students were sent home with an application that needs to be turned in ASAP. We have extras in the office. 

Positive Behavioral Incentive- Each month West has a Positive Behavior Incentive where students can play games, listen to music, play in the gym and other activities. The qualifications for November were no suspensions, no detentions and no referrals to the office. December’s incentive will include ‘no missing assignments’. Remind your child so they can join in on the fun. 

The first semester incentive will be to go to the Tiger’s game in May. They must have no suspensions, no more than 2 detentions, 1’s and 2’s in citizenship, no more than 7 days absent and no fines for the first semester. 

Cardinal Cards- Once again we will pass out our Cardinal Credit Cards. The students that have a 3.3 grade point average or above on their report card the first semester receive a card. We have over 300 students’ eligible- what a great job!! Those students get to use their card for: 1 free tardy or pass (per teacher), free morning basketball, free hat day, free pop at any school event (they get 10 punches for those), first in line at lunch early release at the end of the day and VIP seating at assemblies anytime. 

Book fines- We sent a letter out to all students that have any kind of book, library, lunch fine from last year or classroom fines. Please take care of those as soon as you can. Your child will not be admitted to assemblies, incentive trips and possibly other school activities if not paid and many did not receive their progress report because of having fines. All fines will follow your child into next year, even to high school. 

***If you receive a call from the school, please listen to the message before you call the school. If you call the school, please leave a detailed message and someone will get right back to you. 

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I hope you all have a safe and joyous holiday!