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West Parent’s Newsletter

October 2018 Edition


Principal’s Message- Trish Kaechele

WCZ- Our official student count day is Wednesday, October 3. Please make sure your child is here on that day. It is also Picture Day on Wednesday, October 3. Every child gets their picture taken whether buying pictures or not so they can get an ID and be in the yearbook. 

There is a half day of school Wednesday, October 31 for Teacher Professional Development. Dismissal is at 11:09. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences- Since we are back on Semesters, Parent/Teacher Conferences are not until November 15 this year. 

PTA- If you are interested in being involved in activities and decision making at West, please join our parent group. The next meeting will be Thursday, October 25 at 9:30 a.m. 

We are already organizing our first fundraisers. If you would like to join our parent group or have any questions, please call 313-295-5783. 

National Junior Honor Society- If your child is interested in joining the National Junior Honor Society, they can pick up an application from Mrs. Roberts or Mrs. Sharbo. Only 7th and 8th graders can apply, they must have a GPA of 3.6 or higher from last year, and all 1’s and 2’s in citizenship and No Suspensions from last year to join. Applications are due Friday, October 19th, no later. Please talk to your child about joining this great opportunity. 

Credit Requirements- VERY IMPORTANT! Every student at West must pass every core class (LA, Math, Science and Social Studies) all year, to move on to the next grade. They must pass 11out of 12 credits, which is 10 out of 12 classes for the year. For any class they fail, they will have to take a Credit Recovery Computer class during or after school. This is not a choice. If they do not take or pass the Credit Recovery class they will fail their grade. Please be aware of this when you look at their progress reports and report cards. The counselors are very diligent about talking with the students and contacting parents when a student is failing any classes. Please be proactive with this information. 

Emergency Cards - The deadline to have your emergency cards and all other paperwork turned in is October 8. If we do not have your emergency contact information with CORRECT phone numbers, your child will be suspended (excluded) from school until we have all the paperwork and accurate information turned in to the office. 

Dress Code- Please help us make West a school for learning and not an area for dress code issues. Girls can wear tights with skirts but the skirts and shorts still have to be KNEE LENGTH. Tights do not replace shortness. Leggings, yoga pants must be covered with a long knee length shirt. Pajama pants or slippers are NOT allowed. All shoes must have a back, no flip-flops or slides. Ripped, distressed or holey jeans are not permissible above the knee. No facial piercings. Boys need to have a belt and keep their pants at the waist. If boy’s pants are sagging, they will not be allowed to play in the gym at lunch or in the morning. All dress code issues will result in suspension unless taken care of immediately. We let everyone know about this in the summer mailing, student planner, and the first week of school in class and/or at orientation. We want our students to dress appropriately and do their best academically, which go hand in hand. 

Sign-ins- Please get your child to school on time. School starts at 8:05 with Focus which is an academic class. They may fail the class because of tardies or absences. You must sign your child in personally or write a note if they are late – even a minute. They may not go to class without parental notification for the tardy. For the safety of your child, there will be no sign outs after 2:40. 

Tutoring – We started after school tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 18. Tutoring lasts until 4:15 and transportation is provided. Your child should arrive home between 4:30 and 4:45. It is highly recommended that your child stay after school if they need help in any subject or need to get caught up on assignments. They must bring school work to work on for detention and tutoring. 

We have academic and behavioral incentives throughout the year. Work with your child on getting all their work turned in, studying for tests and staying out of trouble so they may attend these incentives. 

**Again, BUS PROBLEMS are not tolerated and your child will be taken off the bus if they get written up. With bus accidents on the rise, your child’s safety comes first. Your child may not ride a different bus from their own without a note signed by you and the