Community Resources

Community Resources for West Students, Parents, and Families


City of Taylor

 City of Taylor Main Number 734-287-6550

 City of Taylor website

 Counseling Centers 

 Center for Individual and Family Therapy 313-291-7000

 Community Care Services 734-955-3550

 Taylor Teen Health Center 734-287-2076 (ages 10-21)

 The Guidance Center 734-287-1702

 Central Diagnostic & Referral Unit (CDR) – SEMCA 800-686-6543

 Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center 734-729-3939

 Hegira (Next step Club House) 313-565-2200

 Community Information Services

 The Information Center 734-282-7171

 United Way – Call 211 (24 hrs for referrals)

Crisis Service

 24 Hour Crisis Line (ETS) 888-711-5465

 The Guidance Center (24 hr crisis screening)734-287-1702

 Children’s Crisis Screening 734-785-7704 (888-711-5465 evenings, weekends, holidays)

 Suicide Hotline 313-224-7000

 Rape Counseling 734-459-5900 – Taylor Police Dept – Barb Glasson, First Step Advocate (734)634-9292

 • Poison Control 313-222-1222

 Poison Control 313-222-1222

 Michigan AIDS Hotline 800-872-AIDS (2437)

 Children’s Protective Services (DHS) 855-444-3911

 Adult Protective Services (18+) 855-444-3911

 Crisis Pregnancy Center 313.386.4005

 First Step 734-459-5900 or 888-453-5900

 My Sisters Place 313-921-1025 (24 hour crisis) or 313-962-4945

Domestic Violence Resources

 First Step 888-453-5900

 First Step Legal Advocacy Project 888-453-5900

Emergency Family Shelters, Housing and Utilities

 Counterpoint Shelter and Crisis Center 866-672-4357 or 312-565-5005

 Wayne County Family Shelter 734-721-0590

 Homeless Hotline 313-963-STAY

 Christ-Net Warming Center 313-291-1221

 Safe House (women & children) 734-242-SAFE

 Veteran’s Haven, Inc. 734-728-0527

Emergency Food

 Angel Food Ministry 734-287-4673

 West Mound United Methodist Church 734-374-0320

 Gleaners Community Food Bank 734-946-6374

 Fish and Loaves 734-442-0031

 Salvation Army 734-282-0930

 Downriver community food pantry 734-281-6733 (no website – must have referral from a church)

 City of Taylor Community Connection (free food) program 734-374-5887

 Liquid Nutrition/Meals on Wheels- senior meal program 734-727-7357

Grief Support

 Arbor Hospice 734-486-4060

 Community Hospice 734-522-4244

 Howe Peterson Funeral Home 313-561-1500

 Open Arms Children’s Program, a program of St. Johns 313-921-7983

 Sand Castles, a program of Henry Ford Health Systems 313-874-6881

Mentoring Programs

 Big Brother/Big Sister 313-664-0468

Substance Abuse Resources 

 Growth Works 734.795.1722

 Alcoholics Anonymous 313-831-5550

 Al-Anon (support for family members of a person with alcoholism) 800-813-3105

 Narcotics Anonymous (248) 543-7200

 Southeastern MI Office of Substance Abuse Services 734-283-9444

 SEMCA 800-285-WORKS

 Maplegrove Day Camp (Camp for children who have a family member who is a substance abuser)  734-282-5497 or 248-661-6170

 The Guidance Center 734-287-1702

 Community Care Services 734-955-3550

* - Recovery resource locator

Parenting Resources/Help

 Parent Help Line (24 hour) 800.942.4357

 Starfish Family Services 734-728-3400

 Parent-to-Parent Support Group 734-283-0710

 Family Resource Center 734-785-7705*7361

 National Parent Helpline (24 hour crisis line) 855-4A-parent

 The Guidance Center (Parent Infant Program) 734-287-1702 & 734-785-7705x7095 (Michigan School Readiness Program)

 Parenting Matters Helpline 800-531-5151

 Grandparents raising Grandchildren 313-446-4444


 Starfish Family Services Counterpoint 734-728-3400 (ages 10-17)

 Runaway Assistance Hotline 800-292-4517 or 313-531-0111 (Teen Challenge) 313-873-0678 (Off of the Street)

Transitional Housing  

 Safe House 734-242-SAFE (women & children)

 Ozone House 734-662-2222

Bootcamps for Youth

 Michigan Youth Challenge Academy (Battle Creek) 269-963-1537

Inpatient Psychiatric Programs

 Kingswood Hospital 248-398-3200

 Havenwyck Hospital 800-401-ASAP

 Hawthorn Center 248-349-3000

Medical Care

 Taylor Teen Health Center (ages 10-21) 734-942-2076

 Wayne County Health Department 734-727-7100  or 734-955-3900 (Taylor Clinic)

 Taylor Heath Center/Wayne County Health Center 734-955-3900

 MI Child Health Insurance 888-988-6300

 Oakwood Heritage Hospital 313-295-5000

 Federally Qualified Health Center 269-963-4040

Dental Care

 Wayne County Health Department 734-955-3900

 Wayne County Community College 313-943-4040

 Mobile Dentist (in all Taylor Schools) see school nurse or social worker


 SMART 866-962-5515


 MI Unemployment Agency 866-500-0017

 MARVIN (Mi Automated Response Voice Interactive Network) 866-638-3993

 MI Works in Southgate 734-362-3466 (can work with youth ages 16-18 on job skills)


 Apartment Search 800-272-7863

 Michigan Housing Locator 517-373-8370

Education & Training Services

 Department of Labor 866-487-2365

 Downriver Career Technical Consortium 734-782-3194

 Focus Hope 313-494-5500

 Free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 800-433-3243

 Mi Career & Jobs Portal – Job & Career Fairs 888-253-6855

Holiday Assistance

 Community Lutheran Church 734-782-0563

 Lighthouse Ministry 734-467-7540

Foreclosure Assistance

 Hope for Homeowners 800-225-5342

 Michigan State Housing Development Authority 313-456-3540

 Save the Dream 866-946-7432

 Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program 877-693-6199


 Home schooling 517-373-1833 or,

Other educational options

 Job Corps 800-733-JOBS or,

 Taylor Virtual Academy 313-295-5742

 Westwood Cyber High School 313-565-0016

 Asher Adult Education 734-246-4633