Our Cardinal Connectors hosted our first 6 th grade study session to prepare for finals called Smarties for Smarties. It was a great success! Good luck on finals everyone!

The counseling staff at West Middle School is excited to announce the inauguration of the new Cardinal Connector program !

This program will help our new 6 th grade students transition into middle school. The program is called " Cardinal Connectors" because our 8 th grade Connectors will be helping 6 th graders make the connection into the middle school way of life by mentoring, modeling, supporting , and monitoring progress of 6 th graders throughout their first year of middle school.

Each 6 th grade student will be assigned an 8 th grade Cardinal Connector who will be charged with the responsibility to checkup on their mentees throughout the year. Connectors will help with peer disputes, schoolwork, and overall adjustment to middle school.

Our first event took place at West's 6 th grade orientation on Wednesday August 28, 2019 where 6 th graders met with the Connectors and played " get to know West" games,  got their schedules, took  a tour, practiced opening their lockers, met staff, got their picture taken, played in bouncy houses , and ate grilled hot dogs!

This week each 6th grader met their own Cardinal Connector during Focus class to share concerns, practice opening their lockers, and asking any questions they had about middle school.

Stay tuned for more events!

Cardinal Connector Training Day, August 27, 2019

Getting beach balls ready for the "get to know you" game

Connectors in action meeting with 6th graders

One on one help

Connectors in action meeting with 6th graders

The counselors at West Middle School work with students from grades 6-8.  Students are assigned to a counselor according to their last name: 

Maryann Chaparian, Counselor for students last name A-J.  Call 313-295-5783 extension 10808

Jennifer Moitozo, Counselor for students last name K-Z.  Call 313-295-5783 extension 10810