Assistant Principal's Page


First of all, we want to welcome our incoming 6thgraders, our returning 7t h& 8th graders and all new students from other schools.  It is the assistant principal’s job to enforce the Taylor School District’s Student Code of Conduct and be fair, impartial and investigate every incident.  Every parent should take time to review with the Student Code of Conduct from the Taylor School District website.  Please go over it with your child so they know, and you know, what expectations we have for our students.  The teachers will also go over the Code of Conduct and the West Dress Code with them the first week of school, and your child will sign a contract stating that they understand the rules.  Make sure your West student knows they may be expelled for weapons and look-alike weapons, threats to students/staff, bomb threats, vandalism, fighting, drugs/alcohol, and discriminatory harassment (sexual or racial).  If you would like a hard copy of the Student Code of Conduct, please feel free to stop by the assistant principal’s office and we will get you a copy.  

Each month, assistant principal’s office will send you a letter to remind you and your child of certain activities going on in school or something that should not be happening in school that you need to be aware of.  Let me know if we can help you in any way.   We are willing to speak to you on the phone or by appointment when available.

Picture Day

Picture day will be Wednesday, October 3, 2018.  Students will receive a permanent ID after pictures are taken. They should carry this with them at all times during school for passes, library, and cafeteria use.  Students must also have an ID for open gym participation at lunch.  Per the Code of Conduct, there are disciplinary consequences for failing to produce their ID when asked by a staff member.  Replacement IDs will cost $5.  All students will have a picture taken whether buying a picture packet or not for ID purposes and to be pictured in the yearbook.  


Please go over Taylor School District Bus Code of Conduct found in the Student Code of Conduct, which explains that your child’s bus ride is a privilege and not a responsibility of the district.  Problems that may arise on the bus are:  standing, throwing things, using profanity, yelling, fighting, students saving seats or bullying for seats, harassment (sexual or racial) and riding the wrong bus.  Students may not ride a bus other than their own unless a letter is brought from the student in advance from his/her parent/guardian and “Okayed” by the office.  All bus drivers will have a list of students that should ride their bus.  If a student is on the wrong bus without permission of the Assistant Principal, they will lose their bus privileges and face possible Out of School Suspension.  These are all safety issues and in order for your child to have a safe ride to and from school, safety rules must be enforced.  If your child violates any of the bus codes, they will be removed from the bus. 


Please make sure that throughout the school year, we have current and accurate addresses, phone numbers, and bus assignments for your children. We do know that families move during the year or phone numbers do change, but we need those changes.  This information is essential to contacting you during emergencies.  Also, we need up to date bus information for our last school day dismissal where all students must ride their buses home in order to provide a safe environment for our school grounds and for our neighbors.


West will have an incentive field-trip following the first and second trimesters of the year.  This is a behavior incentive and in order for your child to be eligible, they must have no suspensions, no more than two detentions, no more than five days absent and 1’s and 2’s in conduct on their report card. The rubrics for conduct are as follows: A “1” in conduct is Excellent: less that 3 absences, 2 or less tardies, come to class prepared every day, 2 or less missing assignments and shows respect to peers/adults 100% of the time.  A “2” in conduct is Acceptable: 5 or fewer absences, 3 or less tardies, 2 times without materials, 4 or less missing assignments and shows respect (2 or less behavior interventions).  A “3” in conduct is Unacceptable: more than 5 days absent, more than 5 missing assignments and repeated disrespect to peers/adults.

Examples of some of our Incentive trips were: bowling, ice-skating and soccer at the Taylor Sportsplex, Tigers’ games, skate parks, miniature golf and go-carts, ice cream socials and more… so do your best and join us for each incentive trip.


Gum is not allowedPlease do not send your child to school with gum.  They will receive a detention if they are caught chewing it.  It is a school rule and we have had too many problems because of gum, including health issues. 

Dress Appropriately- THE SCHOOL DISTRICT IS STRICTLY ENFORCING THE DRESS CODE IN ALL SCHOOLS! Make sure your child is dressed according to the Code of Conduct & the West Dress Code.  The Taylor Middle Schools have a more specific dress code that we all need to adhere to.  Students should not be wearing anything that leaves bare skin, reveals their underclothing, and has inappropriate language or graphics.  Boys need a belt so their pants stay up at the waist.  No rips, holes or frays above the knees of clothes!  No tank tops.  No tight fitting clothing(including, but not limited to yoga pants).  All skirts and shorts must be near the knee.  *All shoes must have a back!. No facial piercings!  Students violating the dress code will be made to change or given in-school or out of school suspension.  Read the West Dress Code and Code of Conduct for more info.

Lockers-Remind your student NOTto give out their locker combination.  We are not responsible for missing items or textbooks if they let other students in their locker.  Students are responsible for their textbooks and all other personal belongings.  DO NOTbring valuables or excess money to school.

Student IDs/PassesAll students are required to have their IDs on them at all times.  Since we are no longer require planners, the student ID will have a label on the back for passes.  They will need to have a space filled out on the back of the ID in order to leave class to go to the restroom, locker, drink, etc.  They will be allowed 10 passes a Quarter.  Students will receive a new label each Quarter.  If a student does not have his/her ID, they will lose out on privileges such as passes, open gym, and taking library books out.  If a student is asked for their ID and fails to produce it, they will receive a consequence per Student Code of Conduct.


Before 8:05 a.m., ALL students must enter the building through the 3 red doors near the cafeteria/gym (north end of building).  During school hours, 8:05 a.m. – 2:55 p.m., ALLstudents and visitors should enter the through the Main Entrance at the counseling security doors (south end, west side).  Please check in the appropriate office when you enter.

SIGN INS-The school day begins at 8:05 a.m.  TARDIES TO SCHOOL ARE THE SAME AS ANY OTHER TARDY AND YOUR CHILD WILL RECEIVE LUNCH DETENTIONS, AFTER SCHOOL DETENTIONS AND SUSPENSION FOR EXCESSIVENESS.  It is important that your child be on time. Excessive tardies to school are also counted as truancy.  If your child arrives after 8:05 a.m.a parent must sign them in (counseling office) to school or they must have a note stating why they are late for school.  If your child is not signed in by a parent or with a note, they will not be admitted to classes until a parent is contacted.  This is for your child’s safety.  The second sign-in and every one after will result in a lunch detention.  

We look forward to seeing and working with you and your children this year at West.  Any questions, call 313-295-5783.