About Taylor Virtual Learning Academy

The Taylor Virtual Learning Academy (TVLA) is located within the Taylor School District in Taylor, Michigan. TVLA is an innovative and alternative approach to learning and earning a high school diploma. Students receive a state seat-time waiver to take courses online through the PLATO platform.

Students are required to spend at least two days per week for two hours per day in the lab (classroom). However, most students exceed the required time and attend several times per week. TVLA is a year round program.  Students can access their classes at anytime through the online platform, but mentors work one on one with the students while in the lab.  The pace of the program is set by the student..  It is very possible to finish a years worth of schooling in less time.

Once students reach 26.5 credits and meet all state requirements, they will receive a MMC (Michigan Merit Curriculum) Diploma issued from the Taylor School District.  Students will be given the option to partake in walking ceremoinies with either Kennedy or Truman High School as long as deadlines are met.

We are accepting new student applications for grades 9-12 (link provided on home screen).  Any student (in and out of district) under the age of 20 can apply. Current Taylor School District students must get a written referral from their school counselor before submitting application.