• Monday, Dec. 16- HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM THE FAMILY-Wear your favorite flannel.

  • Tuesday, Dec. 17- SANTA"S HELPERS- Dress a part to help Santa. Dress as an elf or reindeer.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 18- LONG WINTERS NAP- Wear PJs to school to prepare for a perfect winter break.

  • Thursday, Dec. 19- CANDY CANE DAY- Wear red & white or green & white to look like your favorite   treat.

  • Friday, Dec. 20- HANUKKAH- Wear blue & white. In honor of our friends who celebrate Hanukkah.




December 19, 2019 - 2:30p.m

Kindergarten Attire: Blue or White Tops and Black Bottoms.



December 20, 2019, 2:30p.m.

1st Grade Attire: Red or White Shirts and Black Bottoms

2nd Grade Attire: Red or Green Tops and Black Bottoms.


Candy Cane Grams

Friday, December 13
Monday, December 16
Tuesday, December 17
Wednesday, December 18
Thursday, December 19

          $1.00 Each

We will use the money from the fundraiser to buy Toys to donate for TOYS FOR TOTS!!!!

                 Taylor Parks Elementary School 2019-2020

Taylor Parks Elementary School serves approximately 420 students ranging from Kindergarten through the 5th Grade.  We are a two-story building which houses 16 general education classroom, 3 special education self-contained classroom, 3 learning resource rooms,  computer lab, library, music room and gym.  All of our teachers are highly qualified and in compliance with the No Child Left Behind mandates.  Staff members include a Building Improvement Coach, Speech and Language teacher, Hearing impaired teacher, Bilingual teacher, a Special Education Social Worker, and Psychologist,.

We are very fortunate to have the support services of approximately 20 other staff, including a secretary, a half-time secretary, Behavior Interventionist, Instructional Interventionist , LLI Academic Interventionist,  Positive School Climate/Culture Liaison, Special Education Aides, library Aide, school nurse, cooks, maintenance, and several lay personnel.  All members of our staff work together to make Taylor Parks a safe and active learning community for our families.


Fun Color Run