Financial Aid and Scholarships


Looking for a way to fund your postsecondary education plans? You’re in the right place!  Following these steps should ensure your time is used wisely and your chances to receive a scholarship are increased. PLEASE, NEVER EVER PAY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP SEARCH ENGINE OR FAFSA

*REMINDER: You should be applying for scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year*

*Spring time is the most popular time for scholarships*

1) Fill out FAFSA @

Before filling out FAFSA, both the student AND the parent needs to make their own FSA ID.

Very detailed instructions can be found here!

2) Check out what merit based scholarships you qualify (based off of GPA and SAT scores) for the specific institution(s) you’d like to attend

3) Start looking at private scholarships at the institution(s) you’d like to attend (some links below) Many scholarships end March 1st


Wayne State:

Henry Ford:



UofM Dearborn:                   

4) Search for community scholarships (Taylor, MI)

Check the "Scholarship Bulletin" tab for local/school scholarships


Michigan Student Aid

You COULD use generic search engines like   or  or . These sites typically gain attention from students from all over so make sure you are looking with intent and purpose (use filters to make it specific to YOU)!

                    Hey Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors!

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