Class Schedule information

it is time to select classes for the 2020/2021 school year

The counselors are meeting with the freshman, sophomores and juniors to talk about next year's classes.  The first meetings will take place on February 19, 20 and 21.  Students will gather in large groups, pick up their class selection forms, listen to the counselors explain the classes and process.  Students have an opportunity to ask questions.


Students are encouraged to bring the information home and discuss it with their parents or guardian.  They are to also talk with their teachers to determine which academic classes would suit them best.  


The forms need to be signed by themselves and their parent/guardian.  They are to turn in the completed forms to their math teacher BEFORE their date to meet one-on-one with their counselor in the Media Center.  The counselors will meet one-on-one with the students through their math classes. 




Class Selection Schedule

**Due to the snow days, Mr. Manning's classes will meet with the counselors on Friday, March 13 to schedule classes**


12th Grade Course Selection Form

11th Grade Course Selection Form

10th Grade Course Selection Form

 9th Grade Course Selection Form


Taylor Career and Technical Center Course Offerings