Staff Password Information/Policy

New Policy for Active Directory which controls your login to district systems and Email are:

Enforcing password change to 180 Days - If you have not changed your password within 180 day, upon your next login you will be forced to change it in order to continue

Enforcing password history - Each time you change your password you will need to make it a new password, old passwords are not allowed

Password complexity - Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters and include 3 of the 4 complexities below

Upper Case Letter (A-Z)
Lower Case Letter (a-z)
Number (0-9)
Special characters Example !@#$%^&*({}<>

Note: if you make a mistake and are unable to log in, your account may be locked. At that time you will need to have someone create a ticket for you to have your password reset and account unlocked.

Additional Information: The link below might be a good resource to assist you, I would also encourage all of you to make this a practice you use at home as well.

9 Strong Password Ideas For Greater Protection