Boxtops, Kroger, pull tabs, batteries, and paper

Reward Programs & Recycling

Thank you for all you do for Randall and the environment! 

Boxtops For Educationboxtop4ed clip art

Last year we received $2000 from Box Tops for Education. Please send in your boxtops  with your child or place them in the container inside the main entrance door. Each boxtop is worth 10 cents for your child's school.
You may visit to see what products participate.  

Kroger rewards program

Sign up for Randall to earn money by using your Kroger Plus card.          

crayola colorcycle

Don't throw away those dry used markers. Crayola will recycle them for energy. Bring them into the school and we will send them to Crayola for recycling.

tyson labels

Randall tyson logoTyson® products can help make everybody’s school year more successful from the start.  Our foods are an excellent source of protein, which helps give kids the energy and focus they need for class, homework and after-school activities. Busy moms appreciate our variety of options to please the whole family. And labels from Tyson packages can help your school get whatever it needs to succeed, year after year, through the Tyson Project A+ program. Visit for more information.                       


Randall ron mcd house logo_2 pull tabs from cans   mcdonald house pull tabs.jpg

Please save your pull tabs from your pop cans. We give them to the Ronald McDonald House. They in turn recycle them and earn money to help with the cost of the McDonald House. 

We recycle......

Used Batteries
Bring in your used AA, AAA, C, D, & 9 volt batteries to the library. We recycle batteries to help our environment.

We all recycle paper at Randall. There is a yellow and green dumpster off the Pardee Road bus entrance that you or your neighbors may use to drop off paper or newspapers in. (Please NO CARDBOARD) We will receive money for the weight of the paper, so please bring all you can to help your child's school.