This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.
If you have any other questions please contact Mrs. Patts at

(313) 295-5812 ext: 10403.


COVID Library questions.

Will my child get to check out a book?

   We are working on how to safely allow students to check out books. Destiny Discover is the program students will use to search for a book and place it on hold. The librarian will check it out to your child. If a student is F2F, they will receive their book delivered to their classroom. If your child is virtual, arrangements will be made to have you pick it up at the school.

How long does my child get to keep the library book?

   Books are on loan for 7 days. If a renew is needed, please contact the librarian.




When is my book due?

The loan period is seven (7) days. Books are due the next scheduled day you come to library.

Can I check out another book if I forget mine?

No. You must return your book first before checking out another. 5th graders must return both books before checking out another one.

Can I check a book out more than once?

Yes, but you must bring it in to the library to recheck it out.

What happens if I rip a page or get liquid on the inside of the book?

You will have to pay for the damages. The Library Paraprofessional will let you know how much you owe.


Can I check out more than one book?

At this time, only 5th graders can check out two books. If your class is doing a special report, you can checkout two books. One for the report and one for you.

What if I am absent on my library day? When can I bring my book back?

You can return your book on open library day. (Please bring a pass from your teacher.) Or you can wait until your next library time.

When is open library?

Thursday is open library. You may return your overdue book, exchange books, or just come in the library to sit and read. You must have a pass from your teacher.