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Mission Statement
We will work together to support the educational opportunities at Randall School, to maintain a positive relationship between parents and staff that is supportive and enthusiastic; to ensure that Randall students develop to their full potential.

Meet our Parent Volunteers

Ann Ouellette - President
This will be Ann's second year as PTO president. She is a cheerleading coach outside of Randall but spends most of her days at the school because she is also a lay personnel throughout the whole day. She has a 5th grader who has attended Randall since kdg. as well as some older children outside of Randall. Ann's favorite thing about PTO is "making things happen for our school!"

  Stephanie Wilson - Vice President
This will be Stephanie's first year officially on PTO however she was very involved all of last year. Stephanie is a paramedic going to nursing school. She currently has a 5th grader at Randall. Stephanie's favorite thing about PTO is "being able to add special memories to not only my child's elementary experience but all the other students as well!"

Dani McNett - Treasurer
This will be Dani's fourth year on PTO. She works at D&L Garden Center and is everyone's cake lady on the side! She has been part of Randall for a long time and doesn't have plans to leave. She currently has kids in 5th, 3rd, and Kdg attending Randall as well as a little one at home. Dani's favorite thing about PTO is "seeing all the kids excitement at an event!"

 Ashly McAughey- Secretary
This will be Ashly's second year on PTO. She spends most of her days at Randall as she is also a lay personnel throughout the day. She currently has two 5th graders and a 2nd grader attending Randall, as well as an older child attending Hoover. Ashly's favorite thing about PTO is "the excitement I see in the kids. Our events are something they look forward to!"

 Andrea Jones - Social Media Rep
This will be Andrea's first year officially on PTO. She works full time for the State of Michigan but has volunteered as much as possible over the years. She is also the daughter of Randall's awesome librarian, Mrs. Patts. She currently has two kiddos attending Randall, a 5th grader and a 2nd grader. Andrea's favorite thing about PTO is "working with other parents to make the school an extra fun and positive place for the students!"

 Megan Klauke - Parent Rep
This will be Megan's first year officially on PTO. Megan volunteered all last year and had such a blast she plans to keep it up. She is a stay at home mom to a little one, has a 1st grader attending Randall currently and an older child outside of our school. Megan's favorite thing about PTO is "seeing my daughter's face light up when she sees me volunteering at her school, she tells everyone "My mom is a PTO mom!!"
I also love seeing the kids get excited over the fun activities planned for them!"