Points of Pride

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Randall Elementary is accredited by the North Central Association   Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. 



Michigan Blue Ribbon Exemplary School

On April 6, 2005, Randall Elementary School was presented with the Michigan Blue Ribbon Exemplary School award by Michigan State Board of Education President, Kathleen Straus. It was a wonderful day for the staff, students, and parents of Randall School. It was a "blue ribbon" day and one that will not be forgotten. 


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Michigan Green School

Randall became a Michigan Green School during the 2011-2012 school year. 


tribes learning comm. logoTRIBES LEARNING COMMUNITY SCHOOL


pewabic      Pewabic Mural

2006 was Randall Elementary's 50th anniversary! To help commemorate and leave something wonderful for the next 50 years, staff and students each made and painted a tile for our Pewabic mural. It was installed in the Spring of 2006. 


Clarence Randall Elementary is named a Reward School by The State of Michigan in 2012!  

Taylor schools are proud to announce that we have four schools designated as a Reward School! They are Kennedy High School, Randall Elementary, Kinyon Elementary and McDowell Elementary. Over 280 schools in Michigan have been designated as Reward Schools for either high student achievement or making tremendous progress in student achievement. Reward Schools are one of three new school designations that came as the result of Michigan receiving flexibility to the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act from the U.S. Department of Education. To read more about this achievement please go to www.mi.gov/rewardschools .


Michigan School of Educational Excellence award Winner
2003 & 2012

2012 Award our 2nd MASB Education Excellence Award awarded for The Dragonflies Junior Garden Club
This year, we are honored to announce that our
Dragonflies Junior Garden Club has received the MASB’s
2012 Education Excellence Award. The Michigan
Association of School Board members recognized our
Garden Club for the unique opportunities that are offered
to students. On May 9th, Mrs. Burt and Mrs. Allen
received this award in Lansing on behalf of the Dragonflies.

2003 award was for Randall Players Performing Arts Drama Club
Randall Players is a Performing Arts Drama Club that was conceived in the fall of 1995 to meet the needs of the at-risk students at Randall Elementary School. Students learn and practice recall, vocal music, diction, focus and movement while researching historical characters and developing responsibility. Students ultimately discover and prove their personal and team strengths and take pride in the design and presentation of a musical production in a Dinner Theatre format. Taylor's Performing Arts Drama Club is unique. It provides an environment, within an elementary school setting, that encourages all students to learn and work as a team. Students broaden their circle of friends and learn to appreciate each other's strengths and talents. Students take pride in their work and exhibit their personal best. The demand for the program has risen each year despite a drop in overall school enrollment. At-risk and special education students also play a valuable role. That's one impressive curtain call!