Important Message From Ms. Meszaros....

Good afternoon Randall Families,

This message is for the families of students who participate in Randall Players. This message is lengthy and includes the details you may need to plan ahead for performances. Please know the message is posted on the Randall School website page and the Randall Parent Club facebook page.

At last night's performance we set a tentative plan of combining our Tuesday and Wednesday night performances in order to be proactive in the case we had a weather day today. We are being sent concerns and questions about what will happen if tomorrow is also a weather day. Please keep in mind, we don't have control over Mother Nature and none of us will know until a day is called. There are MANY variables which need to be considered before the Superintendent can call a day.

With that being said, the following considerations have been taken into account to plan ahead. Although a show of hands at last night's performance appeared to make combining performances doable, a follow up of the actual tickets sold does not. There is not space for the two nights to be combined. Taking all concerns into consideration, this is the plan:

IF we have school tomorrow, the performers scheduled to perform on WEDNESDAY night will perform (these are the students who performed Monday night).  WEDNESDAY night tickets will be honored on WEDNESDAY.

TUESDAY night's performance will be the understudy students and will be held on FRIDAY night. TUESDAY nights tickets will be honored on FRIDAY. You may recall Ms. Mayle explaining the students who practiced to be understudies, would be given the opportunity to perform so more students had the experience.

IF it is necessary for school to be called tomorrow, TUESDAY night's tickets will continue to be honored on FRIDAY with the understudy students performing.  WEDNESDAY night's performance will be set for a time to be determined.

There will be no performance scheduled for Thursday, Valentine's Day taking into consideration families may already have plans for the holiday.

I hope this information allows you to plan ahead with your family and friends who are attending. Please keep in mind, we won't know which days will be called for weather until Michigan reveals it's weather to us!

Most importantly, please be safe if you must be out today. I'm currently looking at a sheet of ice covering our doors, windows, and driveway!

Stay warm and have a peaceful day :)

Cynthia Meszaros

Randall Principal

(313)295-5812 ext. 10441



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