Taylor School District Operational Millage

Dear Parents/Guardians and members of the Taylor School District community.

It is time again for the Taylor School District to ask voters to consider the renewal of the Taylor School District Operational Millage.  Historically, the renewal of this operational millage is something that voters in the Taylor School District have successfully supported every five years.  This millage is a tax that is paid by the businesses and corporations that operate in the Taylor School District as well as those individuals that own second homes located here in Taylor, but don't live in them. Businesses are taxed based on the value of their buildings, commercial land, and commercial equipment.  For this millage renewal cycle, the district is asking that the length of this tax be extended to ten years.

This tax does not apply to residents in the Taylor School District community who own and live in one home, or who rent an apartment in Taylor.  The renewal of this operational millage allows the Taylor School District to continue to receive full funding from the state of Michigan that is necessary for the district to operate all of its programs.  The value of this tax is $11,988,269.

To learn more about this operational millage, please see the attached ballot language, and don't hesitate to call (734) 374-1200 ext. 10131 or email Superintendent Ben Williams if you have any questions.