Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the school hours?

A.  8:05 am – 2:55 pm. Students are allowed in the building at 8:00 am. 

Q. What sports are played at West?

A. Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Cheerleading

Q. What clubs are offered at West?

A. Clubs and after-school activities include Art Club, Photography Club, Student Council, Newspaper (* these clubs are subject to change)

Q. How many classes are in a school day

A. There are 6 classes (hours) plus Focus (homeroom).

Q. When are students allowed into the school in the morning?

A. The doors open at 8:00 am.

Q. Will students be given free breakfast and lunch?

A. Taylor Schools was awarded a grant which allows ALL students To receive free breakfast and lunch.

Q. Can students pick their electives?

A. They only electives students can choose are Band and Chorus.

Q. What electives are offered at West?

A. Art, PE, Band, Chorus, Computers, Technology, Adventure Learning, Media Arts, Spanish (by teacher recommendation).

Q. What are Cardinal Connectors?

A. Cardinal Connectors are 8th grade students who applied and were chosen to be mentors to 6th grade students. They help their 6th grade students with academic, social, and peer-related issues.

Q. Are there parent volunteer opportunities at West?

A. Yes! We encourage parents to volunteer for sporting events, concerts, clubs, and other school activities.  Parents have to fill    out proper documentation to volunteer. 

Q. How many sports or activities can students participate in?

A. There is no limit to the number of activities students can participate in. However, the number one priority for students is to get their education. As long as students’ academic performance is not jeopardized, due to overextending themselves with sports, we encourage them to be involved.

Q. Is there transportation to and from school?

A. Yes!  Students who live within the West boundaries and meet the criteria for transportation, they will be provided with transportation.

Q. Can students have snacks in classes?

A. We discourage having snacks in classrooms or in the hallways due to sanitary reasons and the possibilities of critter infestations.

Q. Is there a dress code at West?

A. We expect students to come to school dressed in clothes that are “school appropriate”. Please refer to the Taylor Schools Code of Conduct for specifics.

Q. What is Parent Connect?

A. Parent Connect is an online tool for parents to stay informed about students’ grades, attendance, report cards, assignments, etc. If you don’t know your username or password, please call pupil accounting (313) 295-5742 or West (313) 295-5783 to obtain it in the fall. We encourage parents to check Parent Connect at least weekly.

Q. Do parents have to call and let the school know if their student is going to be absent?

A. Yes! It is important for the school to know when students are absent. In fact, it is the law for children ages 5-18 years old to be in school. Please call the attendance office to report your student absent (313) 295-5783 ext. 10806.

Q. Can students have cell phones in school?

A. Students can bring cell phones to school BUT they cannot use them or have them out during school hours. If cell phones are brought to school they must be turned off and put away before entering the building. If a student needs to call home there are several school phones that they can use.