Fall Fundraiser

Funds you raise with this program will be applied to:  

  • The cost of your own Cedar Point trip this spring including the music student and any chaperones.

  •  Fees for Solo and Ensemble Festival (band or chorus)

  • Consumable music supplies purchased from Mrs. Farmer (eg: clarinet or sax reeds).

 Any funds you raise beyond what is used for the above will be kept in the band or choir account and used for the group. 

The profit percentage for this fundraiser is 40%.  If you sell $100 worth of merchandise, you will raise $40 profit.  To pay for your Cedar Point trip (which will cost $70 per student), fundraise a total of about $190 in gross sales. 

Fundraiser Dates

  • Start Date: NOW!

  • End Date: Tuesday, December 1 - be sure to get your forms in ON TIME!

  • Product Delivery Date: Week of December 14 (Hopefully on Tuesday 12/15). 

Money Collection

  • Collect money when you take your orders.  All money is due with the order forms on December 1.

  • Accept cash or checks from your customers.  Make all checks to "West Middle School" with the student's name in the "MEMO" field.  

  • Customers can USE A CREDIT CARD to purchase items!   They just need to use a cell phone to scan the QR code on the back of the brochure to place the order on a secure mobile site.  Items paid for by credit card will be included in the delivery the week of December 14. 

Quickstart Award

  • All students who bring in the order form with 10 items ordered on Monday, 11/16 can sign up for one quickstart prize:  Either a Robo Music Splitter, Skull Candy Earbuds, 14oz. Gummies, or 1/2 Pound Sugar Daddy.  The quickstart prize will come with your items and prizes on the week of December 14.

  • Students will be given their order form back.  Do not bring in cash for the quickstart award.  If a student turns in a quickstart form but doesn't order the items later on, they will not receive the prize.


  • Awards are available at 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 99 items sold.  Awards are cumulative - if you sell 30 items, you can choose 3 prizes, one each from the 10, 20, and 30 level prizes.

Download another prize brochure here.

Online Ordering

  • Go to HelpurGroup

  • Enter group number 19718 for West Chorus or 28613 for Band

  • All items will be shipped to customers directly, and profit will be applied to the student named.


  • Sell to people you know, people you trust, and people who have money.

  • Door-to-door sales are often not the best way - people aren't likely to give you money if they don't know you.  Above all, be safe, especially if you have money from orders.

  • Organize your money as you collect it by cash denomination (20s, 10s, 5s, 1s) and oriented the same way.