About Us

The Taylor Virtual Learning Academy (TVLA) is located inside a wing of Taylor High School, in Taylor, Michigan. TVLA is an innovative and alternative approach to learning and earning a high school diploma. Students receive a state seat-time waiver to take courses online through the PLATO/ Edmentum platform.

Students are required to spend 15-20 hours a week on coursework and communicate with their mentor at least twice a week. However, most students exceed the required time and check in several times per week with their mentor.  Students can access their classes at anytime through the online platform, but mentors work one on one with the students while utilizing our in person learning lab or virtual appointments.  The pace of the program is set by the student, mentor, and counselor working together to make an individualized learning plan for each student.  It is very possible to finish a year's worth of schooling in less time.

Our students have many options available to them once in TVLA. TVLA is proud to have connections with many valuable community partners that can help students excel beyond the classroom and into being a productive asset to society. Some examples are Michigan Works, Beaumont Hospital, Community Care Services, and the Taylor Police Department just to name a few. TVLA is also very proud of our Student Council. The student council is 100% student driven. They have organized many fundraisers and charitable works throughout the community and continue to do so. 

Once students reach their credit requirements and meet all state requirements, they will receive a MMC (Michigan Merit Curriculum) Diploma issued from the Taylor School District at the end of the given school year. Students are also eligible to receive the Taylor High School diploma, if they meet all of the requirements for that.

We are accepting new student applications for grades 6-12 (applications can be found in our lab).  Any student (in and out of district) under the age of 20 can apply. Current Taylor School District students must get a written referral from their school counselor before submitting application.