About Our School

Vision Statement 

The Taylor Parks Community will provide a supportive learning environment that helps individual students do their personal best. 

Mission Statement

TheTaylor Parks Community will do whatever it takes to help children achieve.

Beliefs Statement

We Believe that all students can learn in a school which has a safe, healthy, and caring atmosphere.
We Believe that all children have the ability to learn based on their own ability levels and learning styles.
We Believe that adults should encourage a school environment that promotes and recognizes respect, responsibliity, and safety.
We Believe decision making, problem solving, and goal setting skills shuld be used daily by all Taylor Parks' students.
We Believe technology enhances/reinforces learning skill that make connections
that are relevant to the outside world.

Taylor Parks Behavior Pledge

I pledge to be respectful to myself, my friends, my classmates, and the staff.

I pledge to be responsible in my actions, my homework, and my words.

I pledge to be safe in everything I do and everywhere I go and I will ask for help if I need it.