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Nursing Assisting-Health Science

Nursing Assistant students gain both the academic foundations of health care and hands-on training in the skills needed for direct patient care following high school graduation.

Units of Study

  • Anatomy & Physiology/Medical Terminology

  • Leadership/Communication

  • Heathcare Delivery Systems

  • Employability Skills

  • Legal & Ethical Responsibilities

  • Safety Practices

  • Teamwork

  • Health Maintenance Practices

  • CPR & AED Training & Cerification

  • Information Technology

Nursing Assisting Skills

  • Temperature, Pulse, Respiration & Blood Pressure

  • First Aid Skills & Certification

  • Making Hospital Beds

  • Bed to Wheelchair & Stretcher Transfer

  • Feeding Patients

  • Intake & Output

  • Pre and Post Operative Care

  • Specimen Tesing

Health Science/Nursing

WARNING -  Some photos may not be for the weak of heart.  Our health science instructors do not mess around when they teach their students how to save lives. . .

The Health Science/Nursing AM and PM classes learned how to do First Aid this past week. The students were made up with make-up to look as if they had real wounds. Their classmates then had to apply dressings, bandages, and splints. All of the students that performed this correctly and finished the course received a First Aid card from the American Heart Association.

These students also learned how to do CPR. They were taught how to perform CPR on adults, children and infants. They also learned how to perform abdominal thrusts to relieve a choking person and how to use an AED. All of the students that performed this correctly and finished the course received a CPR AED card from the American Heart Association.

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The students learning of CPR with their instructor


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Photos of the Nursing Assisting 2016 Program, a student learning anatomy