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Life Skills
Applied Math
General Science
Computer Applications

Related Jobs

High School Education:

  • Short Order Cook

  • Baker Helper

  • Waitperson

  • Dining Room Attendant

  • Cake Decorator

  • Host

  • Cashier

  • Bus Person

  • Prep cook

  • Dish Machine operator

  • Attendant

  • Buffet Attendant

Culinary Arts/Hospitality & Tourism

Instructor - Lesley Gauthier

Classroom aids - Samantha Ansell and Christine Shiroda

Check out our student-run restaurant - The Chopping Block

This is a lab-based course that provides the training necessary for employment in the culinary-focused areas of food production, management, and guest services. Students also earn industry recognized certification. Career Options • Line Cook, Host, Cashier • Caterer • Sous Chef • Restaurant Manager

Students are expected to display a strong work ethic, teamwork and a professional attitude.  Must demonstrate self-discipline and have good attendance habits.

Second year students will be accepted into the program based on:

  • 1st year GPA

  • Attitude

  • Attendance

  • Professionalism

  • Application letter stating education and work based goals will be required.