Myers Elementary School
16201 Lauren Drive
Taylor, Michigan  48180

Office: (734) 946-6602
Fax: (734) 955-6847

School Mascot: Mustangs
School Colors: Navy Blue, Orange, & White

Student Code of Conduct  

Our School


We at Myers School believe that parental involvement is an important component in the educational process. Cooperation and on-going communication between school and home leads to student success and achievement.

We are very proud of our staff and student accomplishments, as well as the positive support of our parents and community.  We will continue to strive for improvement and are committed to providing Myers students with the excellent education they deserve.


Doors open for students each morning at 8:35am.  Please DO NOT drop off your child/children until at least 8:30am.  Students must wait outside and there is no adult supervision until 8:30am.  


Students are released from school at 3:32pm.  On half-days they will dismiss at 11:49am.  Kindergartners are released 5-10 minutes prior to the older grades each day to help with parking lot congestion. 

Parents and Visitors

Parents and Visitors are NOT permitted in the hallways of Myers during school hours. You must have a valid picture ID with you to enter the building. The secretary will ask to see it before opening the door. You must come to the office immediately after entering the school to state what you need.  The secretary will check with the teacher first.  You may or may not be able to walk down to your child's class at that time.  If you can, you will need to sign-in on the Visitor's Sign-in Sheet and obtain a Visitors Pass from the secretary.  No Parent or Visitor is permitted in the school hallways without a pass.  You will be redirected back to the office to obtain one if you are found without one.  Please save yourself the time/trouble.  There are many times where teachers are in the middle of a lesson (even at the very beginning of the day) and cannot be disturbed.  If you need to request a conference with your child's teacher, we ask that you first email the teacher to get this set up.  The teacher has 24 hours to get back to you and can usually conference with you over the phone or in person if necessary.  If you need the teachers email address, check out the Staff Directory page on this site to obtain it.  You may also call or stop by the school office for teacher emails.  We do encourage Parent/Teacher communication to help your child during their education process.  Teachers also encourage keeping the communication lines open with parents so that there are no surprises if issues arise.   

Lunch and Breakfast Program

All Myers students are qualified for free breakfast and free lunch each full day of school.  On half-days of school, they will receive free breakfast only.  Keep a lookout for our monthly school calendar that comes home.  The reverse side has the breakfast/lunch calendar for that month as well.  Students will eat breakfast in their classrooms each morning and lunch will be in the cafeteria.  We have three lunch periods. You are always welcome to pack a lunch for your child if they do not want what is being served in the cafeteria on particular days. 


This year we are pleased to say we have busing to The Pond Village Apartments, Wellington Estates and for Disabled Myers Students only.  Each student needs a bus tag in order to ride the bus and must live in the designated area to ride the bus.  For any transportation issues, you may call the Transportation Department at 313-295-5724 for assistance.  If you change your child's method of transportation you must notify us in writing with your signature and date. 

Panera Tuesdays

Myers Elementary receives a bread donation every Tuesday from Panera Bread in Woodhaven.  Students are welcome to take on bag home with them at dismissal on Tuesday.  

Medication at School

There are cases where some students need to take a daily medication or use inhalers and breathing treatments throughout the school year and during school hours.  Without a State Medication Form (copies are in school office) completed by the child's doctor, we cannot administer any medication to your child.  This includes prescriptions, cold medicine, Ibuprofen, skin cream, or any over the counter (OTC) medication.  If your child uses an inhaler or needs to take any kind of medication during school hours, please obtain this form from the school office and have it completed by the doctors office ASAP.  Make sure a parent or guardian also signs the bottom of the form where indicated.  Parents/Guardians are always permitted to come to the school and give their own child medication, if needed.  Staff CANNOT by any means administer ANY kind of medication to your child without this form completed by a doctor first.  


There is a high degree of parent participation at Myers. Some of the opportunities for parents to be involved are by membership in Myers P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association), Myers S.I.T. (School Improvement Team), Career Day, Very Important Person (V.I.P.) Day, and numerous, on-going Parent Volunteer Programs (ex. Family Nights, Classroom assistant, Lunch Duty).


Please stop into the school office during normal office hours to complete a NEW Volunteer Form if you plan to attend any field trips or volunteer in your child's class or at the school at all this school year.  Please make sure to bring a picture ID (License or State ID) with you because we will need a copy of the front and back to complete the process.  Most clearances take around two weeks, so complete your form as soon as possible so that you don't run into clearance issues and miss out on any important activities.

You do need to complete a NEW Volunteer Form EACH school year.

Latchkey / Before & After School Care

Myers is proud to announce our after school program through Wayne Metro. The Accelerate to Great program is offered daily and includes a dinner meal. Please contact Tonya Phillips at 313-720-7197 for more information.

Head Lice

There are times throughout the school year where parents may discover their child has head lice.  In this case, we ask that you keep the child/children home from school to prevent the spread until live bugs are no longer seen.  Children can come to school with knits (eggs) as long as a parent is treating the child each and everyday and removing any and all knits.  Once knits hatch, there will be live bugs again.  You must be diligent but you can be rid of them with constant head checks.  The school office will check your child's head once they return to school and if any live bugs are located, will have to call home to have the child picked up.

Always feel free to stop into our school office if you ever have any questions regarding our policies, procedures, or anything pertaining to Myers Elementary and your child/children.  Ms. Marilena, Mrs. Hodgkinson and all of our staff at Myers welcome you.  We are very happy to have you here with us.  Home of the Myers Mustangs!