School Schedule

Full Day - 8:38 a.m. - 3:32 p.m.
Half Day - 11:49 am

McDowell Entering Procedures

Coming Soon for 21-22

McDowell Walkers Exiting Procedures
Coming Soon for 21-22

McDowell Bus Riders Exiting Procedures
Coming Soon for 21-22

About Our School

The McDowell School Community will work together to create safe, responsible, and respectful citizens who are dedicated to life long learning.

Mission Statement

The McDowell School Community, incorporating a multi-cultured curriculum, high expectations, shared decision making and active participation will provide a safe and stimulating learning environment to maximize each child's potential.

Beliefs Statement

  • We believe in the capacity and the need for all individuals to learn.

  • We believe in providing learning experiences in a variety of learning styles and modalities.

  • We believe in offering a plethora of educational opportunities in a variety of settings.

  • We believe that teachers, parents and the community are dynamic partners in the educational advancement of each and every student.

  • We believe in site based management where all stake holders have a voice.

School Improvement Goals

  • Goal 1: Increasing Proficiency in Science

  • Goal 2: Increasing Proficiency in Math

  • Goal 3: Increasing Proficiency in English Language Arts

  • Goal 4: Increasing Proficiency in Social Studies

  • Goal 5: Climate and Culture